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PYTHON 323    3203P

LED 2-Way Security System

The new 323 security system is one of the most advanced and powerful systems PYTHON® has ever made. The new systems are remote start upgradable, SmartStart™ ready, and compatible with any of the PYTHON HD, LC3, LC, LE Radio Frequency systems, so users can add additional remotes to the system if they wish.

  • One 1 way companion remote (7153P)
  • Flex Relay for dome light, horn, or trunk release operation.
  • SmartStart™ Compatible
  • Auto Re-Arm. If you lock you vehicle and do not enter the system will rearm itself.
  • D2D for the highest level of connectivity with Performance Matched Xpresskit interfaces.
  • Control Center with integrated valet switch and bright blue status LED
  • Control Center w/ integrated LED/VALET Switch (6211T)
  • One 2 way Responder LE remote (7251P)
  • Ground when armed sensor port for additional sensors.
  • SuperCode™ Technology for long reliable 2000 feet range.
  • Upgradable remote start capability with 4003L.
  • Revenger® 6 Tone Siren
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Python 323

MSRP: $349.99
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