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How can I get replacement transmitters for my system?
Do I need a security system for my car?
How do factory security systems compare with aftermarket systems?
What features should I look for in an alarm?
Where are Directed Security systems designed and manufactured?
Will Directed Security systems work with my car?
Will Directed Security systems work with my factory installed system?
Will having a Directed system installed into my car void my new car warranty like my dealer has told me?
Other alarms claim to prevent false alarms, how do Directed security systems differ from the rest?
What is the warranty on Directed Security Products?
What is Code Hopping, and why do I need it?
I've heard that alarm systems can sometimes drain the vehicle's battery.
My last alarm was another brand, and I had problems with it that even the manufacturer claimed to know nothing about. Are your alarms tested thoroughly before they are released for sale?
What is remote engine starting, and why do I need it?
What is your least expensive unit which will still provide adequate protection for my car?
Why are all systems short circuit protected?
What is "Automatic or Passive Arming" and how can it benefit me?
What is "Progressive Door Unlocking"?
There are two cars in my family, so if I have a Directed Security system installed in each one, how can I operate both cars with one remote?
How can I determine which Directed Security system is best for me?
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